mercoledì 16 gennaio 2019

Presentazione Popreal: Lo Shop che il Tuo Bimbo Amerà

Good evening dear, in recent weeks I have shown you many online shops dedicated to the female universe and everything that makes us feel a beautiful and fashionable woman! But it is also right to think of another category of clothing for a smaller and cuddly audience :) eh you now even the smallest want to feel protagonists and many more mothers now choose only the best for their children! Trendy clothes able to better enhance the physical characteristics of each, bright colors and sweet for little princesses ... in short, a universe to be discovered and I will be happy to show you a little :)
Obviously I'm talking about Popreal one of the biggest online sites to comfortably buy many types of clothing, from the newborn to baby, but without forgetting the mothers category because the convenience of this shop consists in having everything at your fingertips to avoid making multiple purchases!
Today in particular I want to talk to you about two categories related to the baby world and I would start immediately from toddler girl tops a wide selection of tops, blouses and sweaters for our fashion girls...

Do not you find these styles wonderful? for every occasion, party or event that is, your children will have a unique and original garment and you can take a thousand photos to capture your sweet models!

Now instead I will talk about another category, perhaps the most exciting for you moms and dads :) Specifically baby swimwear how many mothers here have lost hours and hours to choose the model that best suits their daughter, even considering her tastes? hearts, flowers, stars, stripes, fruit, animals, lace, laces yes or no, in short, a lot of patience! I want to show you those who have fascinated me the most and, in case I had a daughter, I would choose without hesitation!

Obviously on the site you can also choose everything related to the world of boys because they also love to hit and feel proud of what they wear! I wanted to concentrate on the girls, more vain and more eager to choose between many models and colors !!!

lunedì 7 gennaio 2019

Presentazione Baginning: Uno Stile che Profuma di Primavera

Buon inizio settimana carissime, come sono andate le festività natalizie? io non mi posso lamentare, sono state davvero intense e caotiche ma soprattutto trascorse con le persone che davvero contano per me. Il 7 Gennaio è sempre traumatico un pò per tutti ma io voglio renderlo più rilassante partendo subito e presentandovi un altro shop online dove potrete fare acquisti e magari scegliere qualcosina per rendere più fashion la primavera prossima!!! Avete mai sentito parlare di Baginning ???
E' un sito che si occupa esclusivamente della vendita di borse alla moda, una miriade di tipologie diverse adatte ad ogni evento o esigenza, anche quella più esigente o originale!

Good start weeks dear, how did the Christmas holidays go? I can not complain, they were really intense and chaotic but above all spent with the people that really count for me. January 7th is always a bit traumatic for everyone but I want to make it more relaxing starting immediately and presenting another online shop where you can go shopping and maybe choose a little something to make the next spring more fashionable !!! Have you ever heard of Baginning ???
It is a site that deals exclusively with the sale of fashionable bags, a myriad of different types suitable for every event or need, even the most demanding or original!

Prima comunque vi avevo accennato all'originalità e particolarità di alcune borse, in effetti è proprio su quelle che voglio concentrare la vostra attenzione...
Io inizierei subito con le Clear Fanny Pack e vi assicuro che le troverete davvero uniche nel loro genere!!!

But first I mentioned the originality and peculiarity of some bags, in fact it is precisely on those that I want to focus your attention ...

I would start immediately with the Clear Fanny Pack and I assure you that you will find them truly unique in their kind !!!

Immaginate di essere in centro con le amiche e di dover fare shopping...a volte le borse che abbiamo possono diventare davvero ingombranti! Con questa potrete acquistare il mondo avendo le braccia libere :) a parte gli scherzi, trovo siano davvero comodissime, anche per un evento più elegante tipo un matrimonio...sicuramente sarete al centro dell'attenzione! 

Imagine being in the center with friends and having to go shopping ... sometimes the bags we have can become really cumbersome! With this you can buy the world having arms free :) jokes aside, I find they are really comfortable, even for a more elegant event like a wedding ... surely you will be the center of attention!

Ora passiamo ad un'altra tipologia, le best fanny pack una carrellata delle borse più belle che il sito propone, le forme, i colori, le fantasie, vi sapranno colpire irrimediabilmente!

Now let's move on to another type, the best fanny packs a roundup of the most beautiful bags that the site offers, the shapes, the colors, the fantasies, will be able to hit you irreparably!

Lo stile di queste borse è assolutamente divino e io ho cercato di mostrarvi il meglio in base ai miei gusti personali, ma sicuramente il vostro occhio saprà portarvi verso altri stili e interessanti abbinamenti, quindi non vi resta che andare subito sul loro shop e ammirare tutto quel che c'è!

The style of these bags is absolutely divine and I tried to show you the best according to my personal tastes, but surely your eye will lead you to other styles and interesting combinations, so you just have to go right on their shop and admire everything what there is!